The design of the billiard hall of "Park-Hotel" matches the game completely that demands non-standard decisions: reserved and original at the same time - with a luxurious combination of gold and terracotta, mild light, pictures on the wall that tell about billiard's history. The quality of the 12-feet billiard table (Russian pyramid) and equipment lets you plunge into the wonderful game totally.
Here is everything to feel passion, hazard and aesthetic pleasure.
Music, satellite TV, bar, restaurant - up to your service.
The billiard room is working from 10.00 a.m. till 11.00 p.m. every day.
Please, call the reception before going to "Park-Hotel" to define an opportunity to play.
One hour of the game costs 500 rubles.


  • free parking under guard
  • equipment*
* in case of the damage, total cost of the equipment is to be compensated.

Please, address our e-mail to book the services: or call us: +7 (3412) 599-477

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