Outdoors ceremony


Exit registration of marriage is a beautiful European tradition that attracts newlyweds with the freedom to choose the scene, style, scenario of the wedding of their dreams.

For on-site registration of marriage, they choose a picturesque corner of the Park Hotel and a single style of decoration. It can be themed or consistent in one color scheme - everything that the newlyweds like, connects them with each other, can become an idea for the style of exit registration.

Advantages of the Park of the Hotel Complex for off-site wedding ceremonies:

  • ready-made wedding arches - pergola and rotunda;
  • well-groomed lawn and landscaped area for guests' recreation;
  • many picturesque corners with flower beds and ornamental shrubs for photo shoots;
  • additional wedding services: pyramid of champagne, welcome drink, buffet, banquet, suite for newlyweds.

We recommend you greet guests with a glass of champagne or end your marriage ceremony with a champagne pyramid. The cost of the service depends on the number of guests: from 4000 to 6000 rubles.

Instead of grueling city driving, spend your wedding day at the Park Hotel. After the marriage registration ceremony, photographing and communicating with guests, invite them to proceed to a wedding banquet in one of the halls of the Park Hotel.

For the banquet "Park-Hotel" will offer several restaurant venues that are most suitable for each specific occasion, depending on the number of guests and the season.

Onsite marriage registration sites:

For the wedding ceremony "Park-Hotel" will provide several picturesque park areas to choose from - with or without ready-made wedding arches. If the wedding celebration was planned in the open air, and the weather suddenly turned bad, the newlyweds need not worry: we will transfer the ceremony to the hotel's fireplace room.

Cost and conditions of on-site marriage registration:

  • 15,000 rubles without providing sound amplifying equipment (speakers, radio microphone);
  • 17,000 rubles with sound amplifying equipment (speakers, radio microphone).

Discount for the on-site registration service - 3,000 rubles. when ordering a banquet or buffet in the amount of 50,000 to 80,000 rubles.

Discount for the on-site registration service - 4,000 rubles. when ordering a banquet or buffet for the amount of 80,000 rubles.

The duration of the guests' stay on the territory is 1 hour. Admission to the territory 15 minutes before the agreed start time of the ceremony.

Included in the price:

Providing a fireplace room in the hotel or a platform in the park to choose from;

White benches in European style for the older generation of guests, chairs for an orchestra, a table for a marriage registrar;

Use of sound amplifying equipment (speakers and microphone) according to the selected tariff;

Photo session of the newlyweds in the park, the opportunity to hang a family lock on the Tree of Love and Fidelity.

Additional services:

When conducting an on-site marriage registration in the Park-Hotel complex, order additional services that will add stylish accents to the festive event:

  • reception with a glass of champagne, champagne pyramid,
  • wedding banquet or buffet reception at the chosen venue,
  • photo session in the interiors of the hotel,
  • room for gathering the bride and the first wedding night.

Book an on-site marriage registration around the clock by phone numbers +7 3412 59-94-76, +7 3412 59-37-59.

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