"Park-Hotel" is the eternity of plots for a wedding photo session.
The picturesque park of the hotel with landscape gardening, rosary, flower bed in the shape of a heart, elements of park architecture from wood and hammer-work, nature, beautiful in all seasons, - all these views would be a great background for wedding photos.
The interior of "Park-Hotel" is performed in the style of respectable European classics.
Your happy moments would be kept in romantic atmosphere of the mantel hall on the back of chamber restaurant's luxury, reserved chic of the billiard room, in coziness of comfortable rooms.

COST OF PHOTO SESSION: 4 000 RUB./hour and a half

If you book an event in "Park-Hotel" (external marriage registration, banquet, fourchette), or a room for just married - 2 500 rub./hour and a half.


  • you have to arrange the date and time of a photo session in advance with administration of the hotel.
  • photo session lasts for hour and a half
  • only just married couples and photographers have access on the territory of the hotel.
  • territories and interiors for photo session in "Park-Hotel":
- mantel hall
- billiard room
- restaurant hall
- hall of the 1st floor
- hall of the second floor
- room that was booked by the just married
- park's territory

  • access to the hotel's territory is permitted 15 minutes before the beginning.
Please, address our e-mail to book the services: or call us: +7 (3412) 599-477

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