Banqueting hall


For a banquet for up to 80 guests, the Park Hotel banquet hall is suitable.

Its interior was created especially for weddings and is designed in light colors in a classic modern Renaissance style with smooth color transitions. Natural materials were used to decorate the hall: marble, wood and stone. The solemn interior of the banquet hall foyer is complemented by floral design elements - as a continuation of the theme of nature and park.

Layout and equipment of the banquet hall:

The area of ​​the banquet hall is 200 m², it allows you to gather numerous relatives, friends and colleagues for a wedding celebration. Another advantage of the hall is its circular layout. At round tables, you can comfortably seat all guests in such a way that every guest can see everything that happens from anywhere in the hall. There is enough space in the center of the hall for dancing and a show.

The banquet hall of the Park-Hotel is distinguished by high technological equipment. The modern ventilation and air conditioning system guarantees comfort in any weather. The hall is equipped with built-in lighting, sound and video projection equipment, which does not have to be rented additionally.

Conditions and cost:

Hall rental from Sunday to Thursday - 15,000 rubles, on Friday and Saturday - 20,000 rubles.

Included in the price:

  • light, sound, video projection equipment;
  • technical support;
  • 2 TV panels;
  • round banquet tables and soft chairs according to the seating plan of the guests.

Minimum order amount: 100,000 rubles.

Minimum order amount for 1 guest: 2,200 rubles.

Service cost - 10% of the menu order amount.

Additional benefits:

When ordering a banquet in the banquet hall of the "Park-Hotel"

  • a number for newlyweds as a gift (with an order amount of 110,000 rubles);
  • exit registration with a discount of 4000 rubles. (with an order amount of 110,000 rubles);
  • welcome guests with a glass of champagne as a gift (for an order amount of 110,000 rubles, a drink is provided by the customer);
  • photo session as a gift (it is necessary to agree on the time of the photo session with the administrator);
  • certificates for the services of the "Park-Hotel" as a gift.

Discuss with the hotel the possibility of holding fireworks in the park area, which will become a beautiful finishing chord of the holiday.

Book a banquet around the clock, arrange a consultation with the banquet manager and chef by phone numbers +7 3412 59-94-76, +7 3412 59-37-59.

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